'Sexuality and power'

Foucault and the twin towers


This phrase is the second in a series that Foucault offers to try to define a neologism that he has just introduced, 'sur-savoir' or 'over-knowledge'. 'Démultiplié' literally means 'geared down', but also has a figurative sense of 'geared up', 'augmented', or 'multiplied' - which is the sense in which Foucault uses it here. This is a correction to my own translation, pointed out to me by Arnold Davidson.

Contributed by Richard A. Lynch, May 2003.

French Original

'...de savoir démultiplié...'

Michel Foucault. (1978). 'Sexualité et pouvoir'. In Dits et Ecrits t.III. Paris: Gallimard, p. 544. (DE #233)

Published English Translation

'...a geared-down knowledge...'

Michel Foucault. (1999). 'Sexuality and power'. In J. Carrette (ed) Religion and culture Manchester: Manchester UP. p. 117.

Alternative Translation

'...a multiplied knowledge...'