'What calls for punishment'


Sheer, serious incompetence. As with other interview titles, the original may not have been assigned or chosen by Foucault himself; however, unlike some others, and this translation, it bears some relation to the content of the discussion.

Contributed by Colin Gordon, May 2003.

French Original

'Qu'appelle-t-on punir?' - [title of an interview with Foulek Ringelheim]

Michel Foucault. (1984). ''Qu'appelle-t-on punir?''. In Dits et Ecrits vol IV, Paris: Gallimard, p. 636.

Published English Translation

'What calls for punishment?'

Michel Foucault. (1971). ''What calls for punishment?'' S. Lotringer, ed., Foucault live (interviews, 1961-1984) New York: Semiotext(e), 1996. Translated by Lysa Hochroth and John Johnson, p. 279

Alternative Translation

'What do we call punishment?'