Translation Data Bank

Foucault and the twin towers

Translation is a difficult art form and errors and differences of interpretation are part and parcel of any translation from one language to another. This data bank draws attention to some of the existing problems in the published English translations while at the same time acknowledging that the various translators have done a great job in making Foucault's ideas accessible to English speakers.

You are most welcome to me with additional alternative translations. Please follow the suggested format when sending your short translated passages. Publications are listed by date of first publication in French. With thanks to Colin Gordon for suggesting this page.


Madness and Civilization (1961)
'The Father's "No"' (1961)
'Orders of Discourse' (1971)
'Nietzsche, genealogy, history' (1971)
Discipline and Punish (1975)
'Sexuality and power' (1978)
'Contre les peines de substitution' (1981)
'What is Enlightenment?' (1984)
The Use of Pleasure (1984)
'What calls for punishment' (1984)