Foucault: The Legacy. Reviews

Foucault with hair

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Mention of the Conference appeared in a collection of short stories: Nigel Krauth and Robyn Sheahan (eds), From Paradise to Paranoia, Brisbane: University of Queensland Press, 1995, p.100

Matthews, Nicole (1994)
'This is not a Conference Report', Humanities Postgraduate News, Issue 14, 1994, p.14. (Griffith University, Brisbane). Report on the Foucault: The Legacy conference,4-6 July 1994, Ramada Hotel, Surfer's Paradise.

O'Farrell, Clare (1994)
'Foucault: The Legacy. A Conference Report'
This article discusses the reception of Foucault's work outside of France. It was originally commissioned for Magazine Littéraire in 1994 but not published due to lack of space. A shorter version was published as 'Report on 'Foucault: The Legacy Conference, Surfer's Paradise 4-6 July 1994', Carnet Austral: Bulletin of the Australian Society for French Studies, no. 1 September 1994, pp.17-18. page (2002)
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