Foucault: The Legacy. Description

Clare O'Farrell (ed.), Foucault: The Legacy
Queensland University of Technology, 1997.
802pp, illustrations,155mmx250mm,
CD-ROM multi-platform pdf file.
(Adobe Acrobat), 2002
ISBN 1 86435 262 0

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Michel Foucault was one of the most influential thinkers of the late twentieth century, leaving behind him a rich legacy of ideas which has been taken up eagerly by researchers from across the entire spectrum of the social sciences and humanities. This book testifies to the enormous and increasing impact of Foucault's ideas on both theoretical and applied research in the most diverse fields.

The 72 authors in this collection use Foucault's ideas to promote new and radical thinking in areas such as art, architecture, urban planning, philosophy, literary criticism, linguistics, public relations, management, the environment, accounting, education, sexualities, health, nursing, feminism, law, medicine, third world issues, the analysis of institutions such as prisons and hospitals, the analysis of bureaucracy and government, political theory, media studies and the history and philosophy of science.

Foucault: The Legacy is a collection of papers which was originally presented at a conference at the Australian beach resort of Surfers Paradise. in 1994 and then published as a book in 1997. This collection, now reissued on CD-ROM, is a monument to Foucault Studies: a definite must for all those interested in the application of Foucauldian thought. Edited by Clare O'Farrell and published in Brisbane by Queensland University of Technology, it is 802 pages with 73 articles applying Foucault's work across a wide range of professional and theoretical disciplines. The introduction includes text and notes from a previously unpublished interview with Foucault. The book also contains photographs and illustrations.

The paperback edition of the book is now out of print but is available at various libraries. The publisher has now reissued the book on CD-ROM for $AU25 (approx $US19 and £10 sterling) plus postage. (Click here for conversion to other currencies.) Please click here to order or me if you have any enquiries.