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This site was originally coded painstakingly by hand in January and February 1997. It was first conceived as a site to advertise the Foucault: The Legacy book. It also included a list of links to the very few other web resources on Foucault available at that time.

Since then, the site has gradually expanded and gone through many dubious redesigns (I claim full responsibility!) and is currently updated using Pagespinner on a G5 Mac and an old titanium laptop which both run Mac OS 10.3.9. (If Mac ever develops legible font rendering for OSX I will update my system and hardware.) Other software used includes Adobe Photoshop, Canon scanner software (my older SCSI Umax was actually a better scanner), Microsoft Word, Caere Omnipage, Web Pics for the gallery and Style Master for the CSS. Browsers tested are Safari and Internet Explorer.

The current design was done in mid 2007 while on long service leave. The time away from the current rigours of university employment gave me the opportunity to drag my web design skills out of the late 1990s into the new millenium.


All souces for the pictures used on this site have been listed on the individual pages on which they are found. If anyone would like to be further acknowledged for the visual material on this site please email me. Texts are copyrighted as indicated on the relevant pages. The round design in the banner on the site is actually the design for a prison by J.F. Neufforge (Receuil élémentaire d'architecture (1757-1780). p. 176). The picture can be found in Michel Foucault. (1972). Surveiller et Punir. Paris: Gallimard, p. 16. This picture is not in the English translation Discipline and Punish but can be found along with the other missing pictures at Jeremy Crampton's website.


Colin Gordon suggested the translation problems section on the site and made some contributions to this section. Richard Lynch is responsible for the comprehensive list of Foucault's shorter works translated into English and has kept this up-to-date since it was first published on this site in 1999. He has also contibuted to the translation problems section.

I would like to thank my brother Gerard O'Farrell who runs Silvertrees web design for his design of the logo and also Bruce Mitchell for general design advice. I would also like to thank all the people who have contacted me over the years after coming across this website.