Taught Bodies

Taught Bodies


Clare O'Farrell, Daphne Meadmore, Erica McWilliam, Colin Symes (eds.) Taught Bodies, (Eruptions, Vol. 5), Peter Lang Publishing (September 2000), 215 pages, (Paperback)
ISBN-10: 0820442976

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This book is an interdisciplinary exploration of the different ways the body is taught. It details the meticulous training and shaping of the body in a diversity of settings, ranging from the school, university, and workplace, to the theatre, cinema, art gallery, and bedroom. What kind of body does all this teaching aim to produce? How should bodies behave in relation to themselves and others? How far are bodies educated in ways of which we are not even aware? These are just a few of the questions posed by the authors in this lively collection.

Table of contents

Introduction: an anatomy lesson
Clare O'Farrell, Daphne Meadmore, Erica McWilliam, Colin Symes

Sleuthing the body: the deadly thrill of learning
Helen Yeates

The Kama Sutra as curriculum
Peter Cryle

Stuck in the missionary position? Pedagogy and desire in new times
Erica McWilliam

The lecherous professor: "an explosive thriller about naked lust, perverted justice and obsession beyond control"
Susie O'Brien

Wicked bodies: towards a critical pedagogy of corporeal differences for performance
Christopher Beckey

Pedagogy: incomplete, unrequited
Bronwen Levy

Teaching an embodied aesthetic: towards a different practice of English
Ray Misson/Wendy Morgan

Making an exhibition of education: The Body at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
Colin Symes

Practices of the heart: the art of being a good listener
Caroline Hatcher

Testing bodies of knowledge
Daphne Meadmore

Surveillance and student handwriting: tracing the body
Alison Jones

Iconic (pre)occupations: pedagogy and the body in the Australian Awards for University Teaching
Denise Kirkpatrick/Stephen Thorpe

Is there any body there? Particular bodies in lecturing spaces
Barbara Brook

Celluloid bodies: images of intellectuals in film
Clare O'Farrell


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