Publications by Clare O'Farrell


Sole authored books

Michel Foucault
London: Sage Publications, 2005. Core Cultural Theorists series.

Foucault: Historian or Philosopher?
London: Macmillan, 1989, 188 pp. Reprinted in paperback 1993.

Edited books

Taught Bodies,
Clare O'Farrell, Daphne Meadmore, Erica McWilliam, Colin Symes (Eds.) New York: Peter Lang, 2000.

Foucault: The Legacy,
Edited with introduction, Brisbane: QUT, 1997. 73 chapters, 792pp. Now available on CD-ROM


Refracted Input

Foucault News

Online Journal

Foucault Studies
Founding editor (along with Stuart Elden and Alan Rosenberg) of the international peer reviewed online journal. First issue 2004.

Book chapters

'Michel Foucault: The Unconscious of History and Culture'. In Nancy Partner and Sarah Foot (eds), The Sage Handbook of Historical Theory. London: SAGE, forthcoming 2012.

'Preface'. In Anne Brunon-Ernst (ed). Beyond Foucault, New Perspectives on Bentham's Panopticon. Aldershot : Ashgate, forthcoming 2010.

'Celluloid Bodies: Images of Intellectuals in Film'. In Clare O'Farrell, Daphne Meadmore, Erica McWilliam, Colin Symes (Eds.) Taught Bodies, NewYork: Peter Lang, 2000.

Postmodernism for the Uninitiated. In Daphne Meamore, Bruce Burnett, Peter O'Brien (eds) Understanding Education: Contexts and Agendas for the New Millennium, Sydney: Prentice Hall, 1999, pp. 11-17.

'The Name of the Author'. In Clare O'Farrell (ed.) Foucault: The Legacy, Brisbane: QUT, 1997.

Brian Nelson and Clare O'Farrell, 'Introduction', in Brian Nelson (ed.) Forms of Commitment: Intellectuals in Contemporary France, Melbourne, Monash Romance Studies, 1995, pp. 1-14.

'Pierre Bourdieu: Sociology as a World Vision', in Kevin D.S. Murray (ed.) The Judgement of Paris, Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1992.


Foucault and Post Modernism. The Sydney Papers 18, no. 3-4, (2006), 182-194.

'Media Republics: Intellectuals Strike Back', Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media and Culture, 11, 2 (1997), pp. 54-60.
Paper originally delivered at Media Imaginaries Conference, University of Sydney, 27-28 April 1996. A shorter version of this paper was also published in Campus Review Aug 7-13 1996, pp.7-8. This is a piece on the question of a republic in Australia drawing on ideas from Foucault, Castoriadis, François Furet and Régis Debray.

'Restoring the Scholarly Balance' Comment, Campus Review, Jan 18-24, 1996, p.8. This is an occasional piece about the relation of universities and the State in Australia with reference to the history of the university in France.

'Foucault: The Legacy. A Conference Report'
This article was originally commissioned for Magazine Littéraire in 1994 but not published due to lack of space. A shorter version was published as 'Report on 'Foucault: The Legacy Conference, Surfer's Paradise 4-6 July 1994', Carnet Austral: Bulletin of the Australian Society for French Studies, no. 1 September 1994, pp.17-18

'Famous for their savoir... fair enough?', National Library Australian Voices Series, Australian Book Review, no. 155 (October 1993), 29-33.

Essay Reviews

'Foucault and the Foucaldians', Economy and Society, 11, no. 4 (Nov 1982), 449-459.
(Essay review of Alan Sheridan, Michel Foucault: The Will to Truth, London: Tavistock, 1981)


Stuart Elden, Clare O'Farrell, Alan Rosenberg, Sylvain Meyet, An End, and a New Beginning..., Foucault Studies, No 4, February 2007, pp. 1-2.

Stuart Elden, Clare O'Farrell, Alan Rosenberg, Introducing Foucault Studies, Foucault Studies, No 1, December 2004, pp. 1-4.


Michel Foucault, The Crisis of Medicine or the Crisis of Antimedicine? Translated by Edgar C. Knowlton, Jr., William J. King and Clare O'Farrell, Foucault Studies, No 1, December 2004, pp. 5-19.


'Superheroes for the New Millenium', Review of the film Superman Returns, Bright Lights Film Journal, Issue 54, November 2006.

'International Extra: Beyond Foucault', Australian Book Review, no. 157 (Dec 1993-Jan 1994), 59-60.
(Review of James Miller, The Passion of Michel Foucault, Simon & Schuster, 1993 and David Macey, The Lives of Michel Foucault, Random House, 1993)

Review of Raymond Boudon, The Analysis of Ideology, Cambridge: Polity Press, 1989. Thesis Eleven, 36 (1994), 181-2.

'Impossible Escapes', Review of Thea Astley, Coda, William Heinemann, 1994, Australian Book Review, no. 158 (Feb/March 1994), 5-6.

'Review of Heterology and the Postmodern'. Review of Julian Pefanis, Heterology and the Postmodern: Bataille, Baudrillard, and Lyotard, (Allen & Unwin,1991), Thesis Eleven, no. 34 (1993), 202-5.

Review of Rhiannon Goldthorpe, La Nausée, London: Collins, 1991. Journal of European Studies, 22 (1992), 184-5.

'The War of the Words', Quadrant, April 1982, pp. 89-91.
(Review of Valerie Minogue, Nathalie Sarraute and the War of the Words, Edinburgh: University Press, 1981)

'Prison and Social Control', The Canberra Times, 29 March 1980, p.15. (Review of Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, Penguin, 1980.)


'Theory, Practice and Imagination in the Creative Industries'
This was presented as a paper to the Academy of Arts at the Queensland University of Technology on 20 September 2000 as part of a a series of seminars on how a multi million dollar 'Creative Industries Project' at QUT might be defined and operate. Foucault is referred to in this paper a number of times.

'Unacceptable Imaginings : Artaud's Medieval Revolution'
Paper delivered at 100 Years of Cruelty Conference on Artaud, Sydney, Powerhouse Museum, September 1996. This article is mostly on French playwright Antonin Artaud but includes a number of references to Foucault.


Letter to The Times Literary Supplement (unpublished)
This letter was written in 2002 in the context of a controversy over Foucault's death from AIDS and over his alleged neglect of 'objective truth' and adherence to an extreme 'anything goes' postmodernism.

Review Essay of Julia Kristeva
John Lechte, Julia Kristeva, (London, Routledge, 1990)
Originally commissioned for Thesis Eleven in 1994 but not published.

Radio talks

Mai '68, On The Philosopher's Zone hosted by Alan Saunders, 31st May 2008, on ABC Radio National (Australia)

Whatever happened to the truth?, On The Philosopher's Zone hosted by Alan Saunders, 22 April 2006, on ABC Radio National (Australia)