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Clare O'Farrell

Foucault and Chatelet


My degrees are from the University of New South Wales (B.A (hons) in French and the History and Philosophy of Science), the University of Paris VIII-Vincennes (DESU in Philosophy) and the Australian National University (Ph.D. in History of Ideas). While I was studying in Paris in the early 1980s, I interviewed Foucault and attended his lectures.


My non-Foucauldian (but entirely disciplinarian and panoptic) duties involve lecturing in the School of Cultural and Language Studies in the Faculty of Education at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. I teach courses on Film and Popular Culture, Literary Theory, and Creative Writing. I also teach in large team taught core courses on the socio-cultural context of education for teacher trainees.


A list of my publications and writings with links to the full texts of articles can be found here.